A new look at an elusive concept

 B.      Be:    the person that you were born to be.  Stop trying to please or make exceptions. God created you  as a unique individual and wants you to follow His light to determine and live in that unique role.

A.      Accept / Forgive:  “It doesn’t matter if someone deserves to be forgiven, you deserve to be free”  What a powerful statement.  Holding on to hurt and anger only robs you of your own freedom.  Find a way to accept and          forgive and move forward to live freely.

L.      Laugh / Find Joy:  Laughter truly is great medicine.  Joy adds wonderful spice to life.  Find ways to play again and experience the feeling of “lightness” that accompanies feeling like a child again.  We all have an inner child          who simply wishes to show her/his face.  Be a kid in the candy store of life and have fun.

A.      Ache / Feel:  Sometimes we have to recognize that we are truly hurting physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  The first step to healing and change is admitting the pain.  Allow yourself to feel again and then pray for          ways to heal and take every possible step to lead a life full of health.  Gone should be the days when we pretend that we are super-people.

N.     Nourish (Physical / Soul / Hope):  Good nourishment with food, written word, positive affirmations and positive people keeps the body and soul invigorated.  Seek ways to nourish all aspects of your life and begin to walk          away from all of the poisons.  You KNOW that poisons are present, so recognize them, cleanse them and begin to live a life of health.

C.     Cease control / Surrender:  We all need to believe that there is a higher power that we can turn to.  In Happy moments, Praise.  In Difficult times, Seek.  In Quiet times, Worship.  In Painful times, Trust.  In Everytime, be          Thankful.   Be still and know that He is God.

E.     Enlighten:  Seek higher wisdom and choose love over fear at all costs.  Living a life that is led by the Holy Spirit brings hope and belief in all things.  Read, meditate, pray, live in a higher state of consciousness and then sit          back and watch the movie of your life unfold in glorious ways.   Peace!