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Balance For Wellness, Inc.

Physical Therapy and Integrative Medicine

Let Us Help You Move from Pain to Wellness!

Check out this video for Dr. Lorri's interview with Sven from

The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine Magazine!

Attention BFW clients:

We are now open at our new location!

601 A Pittsburgh Road, Suite 100,

Butler, PA 16002


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Are you feeling:


Brain Fog?

Aches and Pains?

Want to lose Weight? 

Stop into either of our locations to pick up your Standard Process Systems Survey.We'll help you get started on the path to whole health and nutrition!

NEW! Nutritional Consultations

Dr. Lorri Lankiewicz is not only a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but also a Natural Nutrition Consultant and Personal Wellness Coach. She is now offering nutritional and wellness consultations to initiate or enhance your journey towards practicing whole health.

Click here for our nutritional product line!

Follow this link for our newest line of weight loss and blood stabilizing products:

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Get Yourself Out of Your Way with Dr. Lorri Lankiewicz DPT, PC, NC  

Have there been times in your life when things were not going the way you wanted? Did you find yourself blaming others or the situation or simply felt like things "never go right" for you? Have you blamed your parents, your upbringing, your spouse or friend? Have you felt inadequate, unworthy or not quite intelligent enough to move forward in the situation?
Sometimes, our thought patterns truly "get in the way" of accomplishing tasks of any size. The little voices in our heads can take us down a path that leads far away from the destination. It is very easy and all too common for any of us to throw blame at another or circumstances in the past or present that somehow halt us from accomplishing a goal.  

Dr. Lorri has developed a "Get Yourself Out of Your Way" program that will help you to recognize the "gremlin" and move forward on your journey. 

Ask about our sliding scale prices for the "Get Yourself Out of Your Way" program.

Get Yourself Out of Your Way Program

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Also, ask about our Whole Health Package

Listen to Dr. Lorri's conversation with Dr. Dennis Courtney

for info about Dr. Lorri, BFW, thyroid disease, and Boresha®!

Tune in to WISR 680am on select mornings to hear Dr. Lorri discuss the latest with

Balance For Wellness and Integrative Medicine!

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